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  • Because They Could
    In Progress | 2020
  • Externalities
    In Progress | 2019
    Detroit Narrative Agency | 2017
  • The Last Cut: Dismantling Detroit Public Schools
    Wayne State University +
    We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective |
    2014-2017 | multiple productions
  • Sugar Law Center
    Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center | 2017 | 11 min
  • Rise Together Detroit
  • Ryter Cooperative Industries
  • Holding Down the Fort
    Senior Housing Preservation Coalition | 2016 | 12 minutes
  • These Iraqi Christians voted for Trump. He’s deporting their son
    AJ+ | 2017 | 2 minutes
  • Can U Feel it Records
  • Thousands are struggling to pay for water
    Fusion (Gizmodo) | 2017 | 4 minutes
  • Let there Be Light
    Soulardarity | 2016
    web-based storytelling project
  • Midwest Environmental Justice Network
    MEJN | 2016 | Multiple Productions
  • Here’s to Flint
    American Civil Liberties Union | 2016 |
    43 minutes + four 5-minute shorts
  • I Do Mind Dying
    2014-2017 | 50 minutes + online database
  • Detroit Student: I Want to Go to School without Being Afraid of the Mice
    Democracy Now | 2016 | 5 minutes
  • North End Detroit Loves Hip Hop: Resisting Gentrification
    AllDef | 2016 | 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Take tha House Back
    Detroit Recordings | 2015 | Music Video
  • How Long Did Flint Inmates Drink Contaminated Water
    Democracy Now | 2016 | 5 minutes
  • Structural Flaws
    ACLU of Michigan | 2015 | Photoessay and Media Slideshow
  • Detroiters Resisting Home Displacement
    United Community Housing Coalition +
    Michigan Legal Services | 2015 | Online Story Map
  • Women in Bakken
    Photoessay | 2012-2013
Kate Levy is able to humanize a very complex and painful issue to the broader community. She does it with heart and a unique lens. Rashida Tlaib, US Congresswoman
Kate Levy’s work exceeded our expectations in all respects. She’s a pleasure to work with, but more importantly works hard to find the core of the subject she is documenting, spending countless hours to uncover the story beneath the surface.
John Philo, Executive Director, Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center
What we love most about her is how she gets into her work like a musician gets into performing. All of the musicians know her work and everyone involved encouraged her to get on stage with us and shoot while we were performing. The resulting images are what happens when a great photographer is invited to join great musicians.
Mary McGuire
I worked with Kate and a team from Senior Housing Preservation – Detroit on a video designed to establish an awareness and a call to action on behalf of low income elderly living in Midtown and Downtown Detroit. From a creative standpoint, I worked with Kate from concept through interviews and editing. She certainly has an excellent eye, but she also complements the editorial process with insight and well-placed comments/questions. The finished product has been well-received and has been shown many times in the course of our advocacy work at Authority Health.Dennis Archambault, Authority Health Wayne County
Kate was great–proactive and responsive. The video looked great and was delivered at our standards.
Catherine Koppel, Reuters
Kate is really knowledgeable in not only technical film making, but also emotional film making. If you need someone to visually display the emotion of you story, this is your person.Desmond Love, Documentary Filmmaker
Kate Levy works collaboratively, effectively, and tirelessly to bring to light the issues, people, and communities that are leading the way to a more just world. She treats people with respect and the issues facing them with critical, compassionate honesty.
Jackson Koeppel, Executive Director, Soulardarity
Having worked closely with Kate on many occasions, I can say with certainty that she is a tireless worker who brings high energy, tremendous creativity, uncompromised ethical standards, a spirit of cooperation, intense commitment to community, and a core belief in egalitarianism to every project.
Curt Guyette Investigative Reporter, ACLU of Michigan
Kate is always involved in the most interesting stories and usually has been for months before you ever heard about them. She is an experienced and talented documentary filmmaker. She’s one of the few people who aren’t afraid to show where they stand on an issue and her work is better because of it.Nick Hayes, Means of Production
Kate Levy is truly a very gifted filmmaker and producer. Her passion, creativity and ability to capture raw truth is amazing as she with allows the victims of injustice to tell our stories. Aliya Moore, Detroit Public Schools Parent and Activist
Kate is a talented visual story teller. From planning to filming to editing she is passionate and committed to excellence.Sofia Nelson, Attorney, State Appellate Defenders Office
Kate was in constant communication and kept the producer updated. She has a good sense of getting different shots needed for editing.
Euna Lee, Gizmodo
My passion is collaborating with people to tell the stories that matter to them. I am a full service documentary production company, and freelance D.P., Editor, Producer and Director. I specialize in documentary film, music videos, and creative storytelling for non-profits, small business and law firms.