Oil and Water

In Oil + Water, Shanna Merola and I combined our photographic work from the water struggle in Detroit and Flint, Standing Rock, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Orleans post-Katrina and the Bakken Shale fracking boom in North Dakota. The resulting body of work asks viewers to contemplace connections between extractive industries, militarization of police, political unrest and the resistance work of frontline communities.

Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock, ND |  Man Camp,  Bakken Shale, ND

Pure Gas Station, Detroit, 2015 | Surveillance Tower, “Fight for 15” Protest, Detroit, 2014

Emergency Water Relief Station, Flint, MI, February 2016 | “No New Jails” protest, Detroit, MI 2016

Post-Katrina FEMA trailer school, New Orleans, 2009 | “Fight for 15” Protest, Detroit, 2014

Republican National Convention, Cleveland, OH, 2016 | Coal-fired power plant, WY, 2012