Video Journalism

These Iraqi Christians voted for Trump. He’s deporting their son.
AJ+ | 2017 | 2 minutes

Sabria and George Pasha are Iraqi Christian immigrants who voted for Donald Trump. They received citizenship, but their eldest son, Tony Hormez, remained a green card holder. At age 16, Tony shot a gun into the air to celebrate the 4th of July, and served a short jail sentence for his crime. Now, 20 years later, in a roundup of green card holders with criminal records, he, along with 100 other Iraqi Christians, face deportation.

Detroit Student: I Want to Go to School without Being Afraid of the Mice
Democracy Now | 2016 | 5 minutes

In 2016, during the wake of the Flint Water Crisis, Democracy Now commissioned me investigate the public health effects of Emergency Management in Detroit Public Schools.

North End Detroit Loves Hip Hop: Resisting Gentrification
AllDef | 2016 | 1 minute 30 seconds
Video Journalist + Editor

This short piece follows cultural producers Bryce Detroit, Onyx Ashanti and Marsha Music as they resist gentrification through hip hop in North End Detroit.

Fusion (Gizmodo) | 2017 | 4 minutes

A day-in-the-life story about water rights activist Nicole Hill, whose water was shutoff for 8 weeks.