Video Journalism

  • These Iraqi Christians voted for Trump. He’s deporting their son.
    AJ+ | 2017 | 2 minutes

    Sabria and George Pasha are Iraqi Christian immigrants who voted for Donald Trump. They received citizenship, but their eldest son, Tony Hormez, remained a green card holder. At age 16, Tony shot a gun into the air to celebrate the 4th of July, and served a short jail sentence for his crime. Now, 20 years later, in a roundup of green card holders with criminal records, he, along with 100 other Iraqi Christians, face deportation.

  • North End Detroit Loves Hip Hop: Resisting Gentrification
    AllDef | 2016 | 1 minute 30 seconds
    Video Journalist + Editor

    This short piece follows cultural producers Bryce Detroit, Onyx Ashanti and Marsha Music as they resist gentrification through hip hop in North End Detroit.

  • Detroit Student: I Want to Go to School without Being Afraid of the Mice
    Democracy Now | 2016 | 5 minutes

    In 2016, during the wake of the Flint Water Crisis, Democracy Now commissioned me investigate the public health effects of Emergency Management in Detroit Public Schools.

  • Fusion (Gizmodo) | 2017 | 4 minutes

    A day-in-the-life story about water rights activist Nicole Hill, whose water was shutoff for 8 weeks.