Let there Be Light

Let there Be Light Soulardarity | 2016 | web-based storytelling project Director + Creative Producer + D.P. + Editor + Impact Strategist In 2012, the streetlights in Highland Park, Michigan were repossessed by the investor-owned utility monopoly, DTE Energy. In the aftermath, the community organized for renewable energy solutions. This video series and interactive website was designed in collaboration with …

Video Journalism

These Iraqi Christians voted for Trump. He’s deporting their son. AJ+ | 2017 | 2 minutes Sabria and George Pasha are Iraqi Christian immigrants who voted for Donald Trump. They received citizenship, but their eldest son, Tony Hormez, remained a green card holder. At age 16, Tony shot a gun into the air to celebrate the 4th of July, and …

Holding Down the Fort

  Short | 2016; 2021 | Portrait series and Short Documentary Film | 22 minutes Director + D.P. + Editor + Still Photographer I first produced an abridged version of this film in 2016. The Senior Housing Preservation-Detroit Coalition presented my early 6 minute cut to a working group of business leaders and advocates whose mission was to retain housing …

Ryter Cooperative Industries

Power Up Ryter Cooperative Industries | 2017 | 3 minutes Director + Cinematographer + Editor Ryter Cooperative Industries, a Detroit-based solar panel manufacturer, commissioned me to tell the story of their work to promote their new solar alley light system.

Rise Together Detroit

[block_grid type=”two-up”] [block_grid_item]   [/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] Rise Together Detroit Detroit People’s Platform | 2017 | multiple productions Director + Creative Producer + D.P. + Editor In partnership with the Detroit People’s Platform, the Sugar Law Center, and Rise Together Detroit, I produced a series of campaign videos for Proposal A, which would allow Detroit communities to enter into legally binding …

Can U Feel it Records

Patrick Smadja Can U Feel it Records 2017 | 2 minutes Director + Cinematographer + Editor Can U Feel it Records (Germany) commissioned me to document the recording of Patrick Smadja’s new album.


  DANGEROUS TIMES, REBELLIOUS RESPONSES 2017 Consulting Producer + D.P. + Editor A short experimental film on the 1980s Central American refugee sanctuary movement, using archival material and present-day interviews and verite. Directed by Alicia Diaz and Consuela Lopez Support: Detroit Narrative Agency Commissioned Project Knight Arts Challenge